Here Is Why A Goa Tour Is Perfect For An Unwinding And Relaxing Vacation

Goa is otherwise popular as the party hub of India. But it is just not a party hub. The beaches, attractions, seafood and so much more makes a trip to Goa necessary, at least once in a lifetime.

What is trending in the travel space, especially after Covid-19 affecting the world is  that ecotourism is boosting. In other words, now, tourism can be eco friendly too. 

You can get eco-friendly in Goa by choosing to stay at eco hotels or resorts. These are environmentally sustainable accommodation made with environment-friendly materials that otherwise help in minimizing the impact on nature.

We have spoken about the rise of offbeat accommodation in Goa but if you are planning an enchanting Honeymoon at Goa then you will get much more.

A Couple Things To Do In Goa

  1. The Aldona Walk

Otherwise popular for offering exquisite sights of the Aldona village, is a must-do activity. You cannot get enough of the natural beauty with a serene lake and houses by the side of it. It is truly mesmerizing!

  1. Discover The Fontainhas

The Fontainhas-Mala walk is another superb activity associated with exploring the heritage of Goa. It is the oldest Latin Quarter in Goa which is close to the hustle of the city of Panjim. On your walk in the streets of Fontainhas, you will see the colored houses resonating the Portuguese influence that’s been left. 

So, would you like to get yourself transported into a new world? A place which is familiar with booze and parties has much more to offer than that. A trip to Goa on your leisurely vacation might just help you deal with this pandemic better. Knock on the doors of LastClues today to get your trip started!

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