Here Is Why A Goa Tour Is Perfect For An Unwinding And Relaxing Vacation

Goa is otherwise popular as the party hub of India. But it is just not a party hub. The beaches, attractions, seafood and so much more makes a trip to Goa necessary, at least once in a lifetime.


A Weekend in the Capital City of India

Life becomes more amazing and exciting when you are standing at the right place at the right time – make your way to India’s capital territory, which also functions as the gateway to major tourist destinations of this striking country [a nation that preserves the richness of diversity – composed of every element driving the truest essence of wellness].



Located in the western part of Uttar Pradesh, Mathura is a city believed to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna, according to Hindu mythology. The city has magnificent historical temples depicting various phases of Lord Krishna’s life giving the devotees a glimpse of Krishna’s life. Mathura is one of the most visited pilgrimage destination of the Hindus and is one of the seven sacred cities of India.